Warm tongue

But now his mind was split, and while he continued to orally
stimulate Dana, he waw super-aware of Mike’s strong warm hands rubbing
his cock, reaching under his scrotum to stroke him, and the pleasant
feeling that washed over him. He felt his meat getting harder and
harder, and Mike’s fingers began squeezing his rod at its base. This
held it at attention, and Jim could feel the nerve-endings tingle in
anticipation of what he knew was next. And then the warm tongue made
contact with the tip of his prick and Jimmy’s whole body gave a quick
involuntary jerk at the touch. The fingers slowly released their hold,
but the tongue began to explore. Around the tip, down the shaft on its
top-side, around to the scrotum, back up on the under-side. When it
reached the tip again the mouth opened and slipped it inside. Somehow
Mike was doing exactly everything a moment before Jimmy wished it. He
seemed to read Jim’s mind, applying just the right pressure, stroking
just the right amount, sucking just hard enough.