Teen backseat

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Barbara stepped off the bed and came back promptly with a moistened
towel which she used to clean off Mike’s tool. When she had wiped him
clean Jim took a deep whiff of the musky scent. Mike had brought Jim to
full arousal, but was expertly sucking and licking him so that he not
climax too soon. Jim moistened his own hand and then lightly grabbed
Jimmy looked over and saw his wife leaning over up against the wall,
but he couldn’t exactly make out what the deal was over there. Then
Barbara left his wife in that position with a sharp, “Don’t move!” and
came over to him. She listened to something Mike quietly told her and
then began kissing him and licking his lips. He could feel Mike moving
around on the bed, but he was too engrossed with the dark-haired lovely
giving him lots of lip action. He had just begun to feel himself slowly
beginning to stiffen up some at Mike’s tonguing when he reached for
Barbara’s ample breasts. But she backed up a little, guiding his hands