Shaving fetish

Jim saw his wife lie down next to him on the bed, pull her nightie up
to just above her crotch and spread her legs. She still had a dreamy
look in her eye, for while this was not her own focus, she realized that
Barb was still in control from before and all she had to do was obey
Without hesitation Jimmy followed the same routine as had occurred to
him, first smoothing on the shaving cream, razoring away her pubic hairs
with great care, and then smoothing in the lotion. He let the wax cool
more than had been done for him but Dana didn’t say a word when he
applied the heated wax to her cool skin.
Soon he removed the wax and left her crotch, including all the way to
around her buttocks completely free of hair. Her skin was now as smooth
as a baby’s, and Jimmy gazed lovingly at her smooth slit.