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Carolyn Daily
Age: 22
She is a amateurgirlust regular chcik next door and we managed to convince her to fuck us
This morning she was taking by her friend Chris. He offered her to take a ride and she gladly agreed.
No she is walking down the streets with her boyfriend Chris. They are chating and all of suddent chis offered her to go to his place. Being a good girls she refused him and so Chis take offence. He dumped her in the middle of the street with no chance to retreat, no car to drive her home. So when we meet her she quickly jumped our car and begged to give her a lift.
Well, she was very upsed and she looked on us with so sad face that we lose our intention to fuck her for a single moment. But then she said that she is a good girl to ask us to get her back home. She can not disapoint us with her rude denial…and thats why we showed her how REALLY good gilrs should treat their boyfriends.

Back Seat Bangers Episode 214
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