Kneeling position sex

Jimmy’s attention turned back to his wife for his own love-making had
brought her to a boil and she had begun to writhe and gasp on the bed.
But soon she was began to moan, “fuck me, fuck me baby, oh now, I need
you in me…” He didn’t want to withdraw from the mouth that had
attached itself to his cock and was doing such a bang-up job, but as he
pulled out Mike called up softly, “Go for it, buddy!”
Jim rolled his wife over onto her stomach, and she moved into a
kneeling position with her tight ass pointed up right at him. He moved
up to his own knees, reached down to spread her cheeks, and slipped his
aching dick into her doggie-style. He reached down and around her to
hold on by her breasts. Her pussy was plenty wet and he banged into her
repeatedly as he cried out with each thrust.