Juliana Jolene at Back Seat Bangers

Back Seat Bangers Episode 221
Massive sex
By: dinesh
We live just outside of Preston and we had been married for 10 yrs, Ann my wife and I have always been happy in and out of bed. About two yrs or so ago my mother in law Ann step mother started showing interest in me and started asking questions like do you spend lots of time in bed making love etc.
Then about a month ago my father in law said that Jean in a silly way fancied me and that they have talked about what it would be like to have sex together, I was shocked but a little turned on, I said that sounds great and left it at that. Two weeks ago Tom my father in law said would I like to call round one afternoon while Ann was at work and have a little fun.
I called round on Tuesday afternoon and there was Tom and Jean we had a cup of tea then Tom said that he wanted to stay and watch what was going on, I said fine then Tom told me to stand up in front of them and to undress, I took off my shirt then my pants and by this time I had a hard on it was great I looked at Jean and she was blushing, I pulled own my shorts and stood in front of them as they looked at my dick. Jean told me to sit down on the chair and to start wanking myself but not to cum.