Interracial Back Seat

interracial backseat sex
The only effect on Dana was visual, but that was enough, along with
the little bit of friction afforded by the activity on her nearby
clitoris, to turn her heart beat up a notch. She closed her eyes and
fantasysed that she was a well-hung man having a homosexual encounter
with a well-hung, yet effeminate man. When she peeked down at her
pelvic area, she could see someone in a hat and tight vest giving her
“dong” a good going over. Occasionally she could see this “man’s” own
stiff member poking out. Despite her manly fantasy she couldn’t help
but pinch her own nipples in the excitement.
Finally Barb stepped over her and squatted over her face. Her own
wang pointed in the same direction, but it didn’t hide the wet twat
beneath. But closer still was Barb’s ass, so smooth, soft and
curvaceous. She released her nipples and reached up to stroke and
caress those golden-tanned cheeks. She grabbed them and pulled them
down to her awaiting mouth and began tonguing them all over.