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hardcore gangbang gallery
She ventured a glance at the director, and saw that she had unzipped
a section of her outfit over her left breast and was playing with the
nipple as she watched Mike vibrate Dana’s tummy. She licked her lips,
gave her breast a good squeeze, and said, “Now, her ass hole.”
Mike dropped down below her field of vision, but she felt him lifting
her legs at the knees until her legs were in an upside-down V. He
spread them apart, and she felt the slippery hummer rolling around her
backside. The vibrations were excruciatingly close to her now quite wet
slit, but it centered instead on her lower hole. The oiled vibrator
moved back and forth over her anus and when she relaxed the muscles
there it pushed its way in just a bit. She bit her lip, but couldn’t
help a little cry that escaped her. Immediately she felt the crop slap
her across her raised thighs, stinging them.