Fiery redhead humper

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Mike moved over to the goody table, but took a small electrical
contraption out of the razor kit. He opened its lid, put a large chunk
of something in it, and plugged the contraption in. While he did that,
Barb rubbed in some type of soothing lotion that cooled the razor burn.
She covered him all over in the sweet smelling stuff, and it made his
skin tingle wherever it had been placed.
After a couple of minutes, Mike turned to him and said, “This wax
will be hot, but not quite burning. I’ve done this to Barb several
times to wax her legs, or to do her bikini area. It’s safe, and keeps
the “itchies” away for much longer than with just a shave. But please
lie as still as you can,” and he winked, “I’d hate to miss.”
Jimmy had never been shaved all over, much less been waxed. The
stuff hurt quite badly, but not enough to bail out of the process, and
he endured it on his chest, and then his legs. Mike let it cool just a
bit more for doing around his genitals, but he screamed when they did
around his ass.