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We were coming up to the taxi stand that would take us back to campus.
Lisa and I threw our bags in the trunk and got in the backseat. As
we drove down the highway, Lisa started stroking my legs.

“Lisa, stop it!” I whispered. “The driver can see us!”

“Oh, look who’s getting modest all of a sudden!” Lisa smiled and
more insistantly rubbed my thighs. She pushed my legs back until
they were spread wide open. I could see the driver eyeing my crotch
in the rear view mirror. I tried to act casual as Lisa rubbed my
crotch. She pulled the thin fabric of my shorts aside, revealing my
swollen pussy lips. Since I wasn’t wearing any panties, the seams
in my shorts had been rubbing against my pussy lips as we walked,
so I was in a constant state of semi-arousal all the time. Lisa’s
gentle stroking pulled me over the edge and I was now a horny slut!

She ran her fingers up and down my pussy lips. I thrust my hips up,
begging her to go inside me but Lisa just kept stroking softly. My
clit budded up and forced its way out from its hood. “You’re driving
me crazy!” I whispered in her ear. Her hand was carefully avoiding
my button, tracing circles around it and getting the whole area wet
with juices that she would bring up from my hole.

At last she lowered her head to my crotch and stuck out her tongue. I
moved my hips even more forward and gasped loudly with pleasure when
I felt the tip of her tongue rub against my clit. “Oh God!” I moaned,
“Lick me harder! Please, stick your tongue up my pussy!” I no longer
cared that the driver was staring directly at me, I just wanted Lisa’s
wonderful mouth to make love to me.