Car Hardcore

Car Hardcore
Nikki and Rief haven’t seen each other in three years and both are just itchin to taste each others lust. What better way to reminisce than to take a face full of cum from an old lover in the backseat of a stranger’s car? “Definitely!” “Someone has to work the camera anyway.”
“Ok then. Let’s get to it,” Jim agreed enthusiastically, and he
offered his arm to Dana and led her back to the “Play” room.
Once there Mike showed him how to use the camera in the corner of the
large room. Then Barb and Mike led Dana to the King-sized bed and sat
her down. Jim remarked that the camera was going and that they could
Mike turned and spoke to the camera, “Tonight has been a wonderful
evening. We went out for dinner with Jim and Dana, and then saw a
Broadway show. We’re back now at our place, and it’s been decided that
we will “focus” on Dana, and then on Jim. We’re all looking forward to
the rest of the evening.”