Bangers BackSeat

Bangers Backseat
Sara’s boyfriend never came by to pick her up. So we gave her a joyride in our backseat instead! Cum see all the saucy jizz action in this weeks episode and read the following groupsex story while downloading the videos!

Jim Woban stared at the screen of his word processor and
tried again to make words appear. Sometimes it was too frustra-
ting to bear. A story would begin and take itself through chap-
ters of action, romance and mystery, and then leave him aban-
doned, suddenly without words or inspiration, only a deadline for
his tyrannical editor, Jake, or Arnie, his parasite of an agent!

He caught himself and mentally chastised his thoughts. Both
men had been more than fair and helped him through the rough
times of his divorce, extending time and money when they would
have been more than justified in leaving him in a pool of self-
pity and cheap Scotch.

It had only been a few months, seven, to be exact, that he
had suddenly found himself single, his net worth dramatically
reduced, and his world in a total shambles. Since then, he had
sold the house, invested as much of the money as he could (thanks
to Arnie’s nagging) and moved to this rented room to finish the
novel Jake had commissioned at some jeopardy to his own position.
His publishing house disliked large advances to lush writers
whose past efforts were slightly above mediocre!

In the kitchen below him, he could hear Katie Sorben moving
about cooking dinner for her husband and their boarder. Katie and
Karl were in their early thirties, but had only been married a
few years; both had been married before. Karl was a machinist at
a local plant and Katie worked 6 A.M. to Noon at a bakery. They
had bought a large house with a large mortgage and found they had
to take in a boarder to make ends meet. Their ad had hit the
paper two months after Jim’s life jumped into the dumper.

Ten years their senior, he lived quietly and tried not to
interfere in their daily lives, with the exception of the dinner
meal. Lately, Karl had been inviting him to join them watching
the Sunday football games and Katie had extended the invitation
to other T.V. shows during the week. They were cheerful and po-
lite, neither of them prying into his private affairs or pressing
their own business on him.

Sometimes he would hear them arguing with one another like
any other married couple, but in most cases, life in the Sorben
household went along on an even keel. From time to time, he would
hear the unmistakable sounds of their lovemaking. Katie, he
noted, was a “squealer” and, apparently, Karl gave her something
to squeal about.

After his divorce, the thought of any type of romantic or
sexual encounter chilled him thoroughly. True, Katie’s muffled
squeals sometimes sent him into an Onanistic fantasy, but he
channeled his efforts and energies into his work. He grinned as
he reread a portion he had written one evening when she and Karl
had been especially loud. He wondered if she would ever guess she
had been the inspiration for one of the juicier situations in his

It was not difficult to let his mind wander as he thought of
her tight, chunky figure moving about the kitchen under her
kimono. Katie was not terribly buxom, but her breasts and but-
tocks moved freely when she wore nothing under her robe. She was
not flagrant but she carried an understated sexuality that seemed
to always suggest something more than met the eye. A slight lift
to an eyebrow, a hint of a smile at the corner of her mouth –
there was just something about her Jim could only classify as

Karl, on the other hand, was tall, lanky and outgoing. He
liked to laugh and yet, retained a sort of privacy Jim could ap-
preciate. To Jim’s pleasant surprise, he found that the man’s
lack of formal schooling had not prevented him from being rather
well-read and quite sensitive. A T.V. tear-jerker could bring
tears to his eyes and he made no apologies. Jim grew to like him
quickly and Karl seemed to return the feeling.

The three of them lived together quietly, contentedly and

Until the afternoon Katie dropped the butter.

He had been trying to write, but was in a dead end. Hearing
Katie preparing dinner, he decided to take a break and get a cold
soda before trying to do anymore. In the kitchen, Katie was busi-
ly getting out the ingredients for a Bundt cake when he walked
in. She was wearing a short robe, as she often did in the after-
noons. Usually, after work, she went out somewhere, came home and
showered, started dinner, and then went upstairs to dress before
they sat down to eat. The sight of Katie in a short kimono was
certainly pleasant, but it was nothing new.

As Jim entered the kitchen, Katie dropped a quarter pound
bar of butter on the floor.

“Shit!” she exclaimed, and bent over to pick it up, still
balancing a measuring cup of milk in one hand.

As she bent over, her robe slid up to clearly expose the
naked cheeks of her behind and the fur covered lips of her pussy.
Jim stood frozen as she picked up the butter and put it back on
the counter. Then she turned and saw him.

She must have known by the look on his face what he had
seen, but she looked directly at him with a half-smile.

“It was the last damned butter in the house!” she said.

He swallowed hard.

“Want me to run out and get some more?”

“No. I’ll let Karl pick some up on his way home. I’ll use
shortening for the cake. I just hate to have to clean up this
greasy mess,” she said indicating where the remnants of the but-
ter showed clearly on the floor.

Taking a cloth from the counter, she turned again to bend
down and wipe the floor, and again her robe slipped up to expose
her behind. Jim’s eyes opened wide as he watched.

“How does it look?” she asked him.

He stood tongue-tied.

“The floor,” she said. “Did I get it all?”

“Yeah!” Jim answered. “It looks good. Real Good.”

Katie burst into a fit of laughter.

“You’re something else,” she roared. “Wait ’til Karl hears
this one!”

Jim was mortified. He never intended to spy on the woman,
let alone get involved in a confrontation with her husband.

“I…I’m sorry!” he stammered. “I just wanted a drink. I
didn’t mean to…”

“Oh, Jim!” she laughed. “Don’t worry. You don’t know Karl.
He’ll get as big a kick out of it as I do. You’ve got to be the
shiest man I’ve ever seen! And besides, I’m kind of flattered you
liked looking at me. You did, didn’t you?”

“Well, sure. I guess,” Jim stammered. “I’m a little con-
fused, Katie. What’s going on?”

“Don’t be. Sit down,” she said as she poured a soda for him.
“You’ve been here almost four months and you haven’t been out of
the house once. Socially, I mean. You’re an attractive man, Jim.
You should be seeing people. You can bring women here if you
want. Karl and I don’t mind.”

“I just don’t have time,” he muttered.

“Balls! All you’re doing is making yourself horny as a goat.
i saw the way you’ve been watching me. It’s all right, of course,
but you should be getting out. Karl thinks so too.”

“I really don;t know anybody, Katie. And I was never real
great at the singles scene. I’m sorry if I seem to be staring at
you too much. I’ll be more discreet from now on.”

Katie suddenly threw open her robe and exposed her small

“How’s that for discreet!” she challenged. “Hell, Jim, Karl
and I don’t care if you want to look at me, it’s just that you’re
a nice guy and you shouldn’t be depriving yourself of sex just
because you had a bad time once. I mean, we’re really concerned
about you.”

Jim could not believe what she was saying, but continued to
stare at her breasts. The nipples were small and brown and poin-
ty. Her breasts were soft and well-shaped with just a little sag
that made them all the more attractive. All he could think of was
how they would feel between his lips. It had been so, so long!

“Jim, come back,” she called and pulled her robe closed.
“You’re farther gone than I’d thought. Maybe Karl was right.”

Jim shook his head.

“What do you mean? Right about what?”

She blushed and glanced at him with a look that he felt go
all the way to his groin.

“Oh, nothing,” she said. “Well, not nothing, but…”

She got up and walked across the kitchen to one of the cup-

“Do me a favor?” she asked. “Reach up and get me that cake
pan, would you?”

The pan was on the very highest shelf and when he reached up
to get it, he had to balance himself on tiptoe while he worked
the pan from under a pile of other things.

Without warning, he felt her hand grope his crotch.

“God damn!” he exploded.

“Don’t drop anything!” she warned.

“What the Hell are you doing?” he demanded.

“I just wanted to see something, that’s all. I didn’t hurt
you, did I?”

Jim extracted the pan and regained his composure.

“I don’t know if I’m ready for this,” he gasped. “You’re a
beautiful woman, Katie, but I don’t want Karl kicking my ass for
messing around with his wife.”

Katie laughed and stood on tiptoe to kiss his cheek.

“Don’t worry about that. You liked it, didn’t you?”

“That’s not the point.”

“Of course it is,” she told him. “We’re going to have to get
you taken care of, and that’s all there is to it.”

Jim considered skipping dinner that evening, but decided it
would be best to face the music.

Karl was in a particularly good humor as Jim joined them at
the table. To his dismay, though, Katie had not changed, but
still wore the abbreviated robe and, very obviously, nothing
else. Karl, too, wore a Japanese-style Hopi jacket belted with a
sash. It bore the same design as Katie’s, a large red butterfly
in a circle of yellow. He was sitting down, but it struck Jim
that he probably wore nothing else, as well!

“Katie tells me you two had quite a day,” Karl announced
shortly after they had begun eating. “Now you can see just why I
married her. Cutest little ass in captivity. How about it?”

Jim nodded silently and looked from one to the other.

Karl laughed and reached over to pat Jim’s shoulder reas-

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to jump you for admiring my
wife’s body. If I did that, I’d be jumping most of the men in
this town. We’re just worried about you, Jim. I told her she
should trim your tree, but she didn’t think you’d want to go
along with it. Why don’t you let us fix you up with a friend of

“I…I don’t think so,” Jim began.

“C’mon, Jim!” Katie urged. “Susan’s a nice person. You’ll
like her. It’s not like you’re going to the Senior Prom, after

“You might even get lucky,” Karl added with a wink toward
his wife.

Jim shrugged. It had been a long time since he had enjoyed a
woman and seeing Katie had not made things any easier.

“What’s she like?” he asked.

“Nice,” Katie offered. “You’ll like her.”

“She’s a lot of fun and decent looking, too,” Karl added.

“She’s divorced and horny. Just like you,” Katie giggled.

“And best of all, she’s a Butterfly,” Karl declared.

Jim waited for him to explain. When he failed to elaborate,
Jim asked, “What’s a Butterfly?”

Karl held out his right hand and showed Jim a small ring. It
bore the same butterfly design that he and Katie wore on their
robes. Katie held out her hand and showed him hers. It was iden-
tical to Karl’s.

“We met each other through Butterfly,” she told him. “It’s a
special group of people. That’s all.”

“What do they do?” he asked.

Karl laughed and told him, “More later. Tomorrow Susan and
then, who knows? The important thing is to get you out of your
funk and back into the world.”

“I suppose so,” Jim sighed. “But for now, I have a book to
finish or I’m going to be very, very far behind in the rent.”

“Is it like Beauregard Flats?” Karl asked.

“You read it?”

“I’m just finishing it now. I didn’t know you wrote it until
I saw your picture on the jacket. I didn’t know we had a celeb-
rity in the house!”

“According to my editor, you don’t. And if I don’t start
getting some ideas working, you never will!”

“Where do you get ideas from?” Katie asked.

“Life, I guess,” Jim told her.

“Wasn’t Beau Flats a bisexual?” Karl asked.

“Yes. That was the point of the whole thing.”

“I mean, some of the scenes you wrote were really realistic.
I thought you said you wrote from experience!”

Katie giggled as Jim squirmed.

“I also have a good imagination,” he assured them.

Karl grinned at him.

After dinner he went back to his room and continued to
write. The words came a little better, but not the way he liked
them. It was nearly 11 when he heard a light knock on the door.
He went to open it and found Katie in a sheer baby doll nightie
very visibly without bottoms.

“I saw your light and wondered if you wanted anything,” she
told him.

He looked at her dark nipples and the triangle of her pubic
patch showing through the sheer fabric and licked his lips.

“I mean from the kitchen,” she said impishly. “Karl’s a-
sleep, but I feel like making some hot chocolate. Want me to
bring you some?”

“That sounds good,” he replied. “Let me turn this computer
off and I’ll come down with you.”

They walked down the hallway to the stairs. Katie turned to
him and put her fingers to her lips with a little giggle just as
they passed the doorway to her and Karl’s bedroom. Her naked hus-
band lay sprawled across the bed, snoring lightly. The shiny
spots on his stomach and penis gave ample evidence of what had
exhausted him. The bottoms of Katie’s baby dolls lay crumpled on
the floor.

Jim’s eyes took in everything in the room, but dwelled on
Karl’s penis as the man slept. It was soft and curled, not pro-
digiously large, but smooth and white-looking framed by a mane of
light hair. Jim Woban was no fag, but seeing the naked man sleep-
ing while his nearly naked wife led him down to the kitchen
stirred an odd excitement deep inside him.

At the bottom of the stairs, Katie stopped suddenly and
turned too fast for Jim to stop in time and he came up hard a-
gainst her. Instinctively, he reached out to keep her from
falling and felt her warm flesh through the sheer nightie as his
hand lay spread across her behind.

“Mm!” she murmured. “Is that for me or Karl?”

She rubbed hard against his growing erection.

“What do you think?” he whispered hoarsely.

“I think that if you don’t fuck something pretty soon,
you’re going to explode!” she told him.

Jim kissed her deeply and felt her small body moving against
his, her hand snaking its way between them to open his zipper and
slip inside expertly. He slid both hands down under the nightie
and smoothed them up to cup and knead her bare ass. His penis was
out of his pants now and he was aware of the cool air moving a-
cross it as she stroked it gently back and forth.

Without letting go, she led him into the living room and sat
down on the couch. Closing her eyes, she took the head of his
cock into her mouth and savored it gently, running her tongue
beneath it and milking what juices she could eke from him.
Stretching the skin back tightly, she slid more into her mouth
sucking and tonguing him at the same time. The feeling was exqui-
site and he felt himself quickly building to a climax.

It was coming too fast and he forced himself to pull away
from her. She looked up at him with a frown, but soon smiled a-
gain as he dropped to his knees and pushed her thighs apart. He
looked at the swollen lips of her pussy and saw the pink tip of
her clitoris winking at him. He did not hesitate, fastened his
lips to it at laved it with his tongue. He slid down to lick the
pink inner lips and reamed her vagina with his tongue. Her thighs
wrapped around his head and he smelled and tasted the strong
scent of Karl’s come still dripping from within her. A rush of
desire overwhelmed him and licked and sucked at her pussy fur-
iously making loud slurping sounds as he heard her whimpering
softly in the far, far distance.

She came in a rush with her legs spread wide and her hands
pulling his face deeper into her cunt. She thrusted her pelvis
against him and made rough gutteral sounds as her climax rolled
over her again and again. Before she could subside, Jim crawled
up and slipped his cock into her deeply. He came almost immed-
iately, great gobs of come spurting into her as he gasped for the
sheer pleasure that overwhelmed him.

“Karl was right,” Katie said as she leaned back with a con-
tented smile. “You really are Butterfly material. I’d better keep
my eye on you two!”

“What are you talking about?”

“That’s O.K., Jim. I love bisexual men. Hell, I’m a Butter-
fly too, aren’t I?”

Jim was too confused and exhausted to press it any further.
He leaned back and his cheek came in contact with the inside of
her thigh. It was wet with their fluids running out of her. Her
hand caressing the back of his neck, however, told him she was
far from done. Surprisingly enough, neither was he!

“Eat me and I’ll suck you off,” she whispered fiercely as
she urged his face into her bush.

The familiar taste of his come overshadowed even the sweet
taste of her as he slowly licked her. He ran his tongue expertly
up and down the line from her clitoris to her ass, stopping to
swirl his tongue here or gently suck on something soft there.
Without lifting his lips, he pressed three fingers inside her and
tickled her asshole with his thumb. Moments later, he was re-
warded by spasms shaking her as she came again.

“You’re good!” she told him. “Susan will love you!”

“You think so?”

“So will Karl. He already told me so.”


Katie laughed.

“Don’t play innocent with me,” she told him. “I saw how you
licked up his come out of me. Besides, Karl told me you couldn’t
have written what you did unless you had done it. You have, have-
n’t you?”

“I think you have a mistaken impression of me,” he told her.
“I’m not a fag.”

“Of course not. I’m not a Lez but sometimes I like a little
variety. C’mon, how about I suck you off right now? You and Karl
can sort things out later.”

She slid to the floor on her knees and captured Jim’s limp
penis and balls between her hands. Leaving slick trails of sali-
va, she licked them over and over.

“I love to taste pussy on a cock,” she told him breathlessly
and went back to her task.

He felt her suck his soft cock into her mouth and reached
down to massage her small breasts. The nipples were as hard as
tiny stones, but her breasts were soft and pliable. Her mouth
worked busily at her penis and he felt the blood beginning to
flow into it as it slowly filled her mouth. As it rose to its
full length, she sucked it in and out, running a wet finger in
and out of his asshole with each stroke. Only one other person
had ever done that to him and he squeezed his eyes closed, trying
to fend off the memory.

He and Chuck were fifteen when they spent the summer at
Chuck’s parents’ place on the bay. They fished and swam and
talked about girls and sex and all the things they talked about
any other time. Somehow their conversation changed during the
overnight fishing trip they took.

It was very hot that night, and after building a campfire to
cook the canned stew they brought, they had gone down to the
river to cool off. There was no one within miles and Chuck had
dared him to go skinny-dipping. After their swim they had gone
back to the camp without dressing and sat beside the fire. Jim
noticed that Chuck’s penis was stiff and erect, and his rose,
too. Chuck noticed it immediately.

“Christ! You have a monster!” he exclaimed.

“Large women and small cows,” Jim responded.

“Do you jerk off much?” Chuck asked suddenly. “I do every
day. Sometimes twice or three times.”

Jim’s breath caught in his throat.

“Sometimes,” he said quietly.

“I like to pretend I’m fucking Barbie Holland,” Chuck went
on. “Sometimes I pretend she’s sucking me off.”

Jim did not answer. He was watching Chuck’s hand slowly pul-
ling on his cock. Barbie Holland was a girl a year older than
them who had the earned reputation of being an easy lay. Neither
boy had ever had a woman, but Barbie Holland was a mutual goal.

“Do you want to see me?” Chuck asked.

Jim nodded. He was holding his own cock by now. It was very
sensitive and he stroked it self-consciously. Chuck, however,
picked up tempo and was chafing his cock with a vengeance. Sud-
denly he stopped.

“Hey, Jim. Did you ever do it with another guy? Jerk each
other off, I mean?” he asked in a conspiratorial tone.

Jim shook his head.

“Hey! I will if you will,” Chuck said, fear quavering in his

Holding Chuck’s cock was a different experience. It was not
at all like holding his own. For one thing, it was smaller and
thinner, although his balls hung large and full. They stroked
each other awkwardly until Chuck made them stop and then changed
position so he could concentrate on jerking off Jim’s cock.

“It’s so big,” he said. “Have you ever had anybody suck it?”

Jim nodded a lie.

“How was it?”

“Great. It really felt good.”

“I’ll bet it did. God, I never had it. I never did it
either. How about you?”

“No,” Jim said. “I never sucked anybody before.”

They were quiet for awhile and then Chuck laid back and let
Jim jerk him off. Neither one had come.



“What did it feel like?”


“Getting sucked.”

“It’s hard to describe.”

“I don’t see what’s so bad about it.”

“Getting sucked?”

“No. The other way around. Sucking a guy’s dick.”

“Everybody calls you ‘queer’ and all. And no girls want to
have anything to do with you.”

“Jim, I wouldn’t tell if a guy sucked my dick. Would you?”

“I guess not.”

“I mean, if I did it to you, would you tell? I wouldn’t tell
on you.”

“No,” said Jim. It was almost a whisper.

In the end, Chuck had gone first and taken the head of Jim’s
cock in his mouth for a few seconds.

“Your turn,” he said.

Jim leaned down and slowly sucked Chuck’s thin cock into his
mouth. There was no taste, just the smooth sensation of the boy’s
penis throbbing on his tongue. He pulled his head away just as
the white jism began to shoot out. One glob landed on his lips
and he tasted it.

“You bastard!” he shouted.

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it!” Chuck pleaded. “Look, don’t
get mad. I’ll let you come on my lips if it makes you feel bet-
ter. Here, let me do it to you again!”

Jim had held himself back while the boy sucked in earnest
drawing as much of Jim’s cock in is mouth as he could. Then,
without any warning, he had let go and shot his wad in Chuck’s
mouth. To his surprise, the other boy did not pull away but con-
tinued to suck and swallow.

“It tastes kind of like mine,” Chuck confided moments later.
“I always taste my come when I jerk off. Sometimes I try to catch
it in my mouth. How about you?”

Jim shook his head, but the thought excited him.

They promised absolute secrecy again and sucked each other
off, coming in one another’s mouth and licking each other’s
balls. They arrived back at he house the following afternoon,
complaining about the poor fishing and how the mosquitoes had
kept them awake all night. The heads of both cocks were red and
chafed from the continuous abuse they had received and both boys
went to bed and slept for hours.

Neither of them mentioned their summer to anyone else and
after the start of school, they never repeated the interludes
they enjoyed that summer. They had tried everything they had ever
heard about, though, enjoying some things and abandoning the
things that did not suit them. As Katie’s finger probed his ass-
hole, he thought of Chuck’s mouth sucking in and out while his
fingers tickled Jim’s balls and ass. It had been fun, but the
guilt came years later as his thoughts went back unbidden to that
summer. He was not queer and did not like the self-accusations
that he, indeed, might be.

The fingers felt good though, and he spread his legs as
Katie inserted two more. He and Chuck had taken turns fucking one
another, but he had not liked the burning sensation of another
man’s cock in his ass. He had never repeated it, but Chuck had
asked for it again and again. He had obliged the boy, driving his
cock far into the smooth white ass while he massaged Chuck’s
prick and balls, making Chuck come over and over, and shooting
his own jism deep into the boy.

As his memories came flooding back, the sensations Katie
were stirring began to have an effect. He began to feel another
orgasm building, amplified by her working tongue and her busy
fingers. Suddenly she stopped and stood up.

“Lie down,” she said urgently and crawled over his face even
before he had fully complied.

With her forearms, she spread his legs wide and swallowed
his cock once more,her fingers sliding back to his ass. Her pussy
rubbed hard against his mouth and he burrowed his lips into it to
catch the rich aroma of pussy mixed with the taste of his come.
He sucked and licked, feeling her pulling another orgasm from his
balls. Finally, he exploded once more in her mouth as she humped
and ground her pussy against his face.

She kissed him deeply after the both sat up and he felt her
hard breasts pressing against him.

“See you tomorrow,” she said. “I hope you’re feeling better

“I feel great!” he told her and the two of them went back to
their rooms without further conversation.

Jim looked at himself in the mirror. In his mid-forties, he
was not in really bad shape, and his romance with the bottle had
not created too much damage. He shook his head in wonderment.
From down the hall he could hear voices and knew they were
talking about him. Katie was giggling and Karl laughed softly. A
little while later, the sounds were unmistakable. The woman was a
sexual dynamo, he told himself.

Susan Raschetti worked as a sales administrator in a man’s
world. She liked men and shied away from some of the libby ad-
vances of other career women she met. But she often tired of the
condescending way some of the men talked to her. Sometimes it
made for a long day, and this day had been such a one. She walked
into her apartment, and picked up the mail as she poured herself
a drink. Katie and Karl had invited her to a Butterfly party that
evening with a new recruit. She hoped she would be up to it. But-
terfly was fun, but sometimes recruiting could be a little stren-

She lived alone and after two divorces, looked forward to
spending the rest of her life with only herself to answer to. She
had met Katie and Karl at a singles party a year before when she
had just completed her second divorce. She had been totally dis-
illusioned and devastated. One night, she had let them give her
just a little too much to drink and woke up in bed with them. It
turned out to be the best therapy she could have had, and her
life turned upward from that point.

Since then there had been David and Frank and Dolores. And
there had been the exciting encounter with Betty. The two women
had excited one another at first sight and Susan had taken her
home for the entire weekend – the first time she had ever gone
one-on-one with a woman. They still saw one another, but mostly
as a foursome with men. Katie had been the first to introduce
Susan to bisexuality, but Betty had shown her the true art of
Lesbian love.

Susan undressed and began to draw a hot tub. Lying back on
her bed, she opened her nightstand and withdrew the large vi-
brating dildo and the tube of K-Y jelly from it. It had been a
long week, and she needed to relax before she went out. Betty had
introduced her to the luxury of a vibrator during one of their
marathon sessions. As she lubricate herself and turned it on,
though, her thoughts did not go to Betty, but much farther back
to the summer between her sophomore and junior years in high

She had gone to spend a month with her aunt and uncle, and
her two cousins, Sandy and Tommy. Sandy was a year younger than
she and Tommy a year older. Sandy was a pretty girl, just filling
out, with long brown hair and a ready grin. Tommy was tall and
handsome with no lack of dates. Although he was chronologically
older that Susan, they were on the same grade level. Both would
be seniors in the fall.

It had started the second evening she was there. Her aunt
and uncle had gone out to play cards with friends and the three
teen-agers were left alone. Tommy had a summer job and had to get
up early in the morning, so went to bed early, leaving the two
girls sitting up alone. They giggled and gossiped until late,
telling each other the latest events in their fledgling sex
lives, among other things, and Susan got the shock of her life
when her demure cousin confided that she had “gone all the way”
and had loved it. Susan had wanted to hear more about Sandy’s
experience, but they had promised to be in bed by midnight, and
they did not want Sandy’s parents finding them up if they came
home early.

Later in the night, Susan awoke and heard strange sounds
coming from Sandy’s room. Her watch said it was 12:30 and she
quietly got out of bed to see what was making the noise. Coming
to Sandy’s room, her stopped dead in her tracks as she looked in
the door. Tommy was on top of his sister, his huge cock plunging
in and out of Sandy’s open pussy. At least, his cock seemed to
Susan to be the biggest thing she had ever seen. Sandy was making
little sounds as her hands pulled at Tommy’s ass, urging him fur-
ther and further into her. Susan watched them unseen from the
darkness of the hallway, and when Tommy suddenly pulled out, her
eyes widened to see him plunge his cock into Sandy’s waiting
mouth and knew from his shuddering body he was coming down her
throat. The sight of Sandy making love to her brother excited her
no end and with a little cry, she fled back to her room and
plunged her hands under her nightgown to the throbbing intensity
of her clitoris.

As the vibrator spread the lips of her pussy, visions of
Tommy’s cock filled her vision. The following day she could bear
it no longer and told Sandy what she had seen. At first the girl
was embarrassed and then, as Susan had questioned more and more
about how it had happened, what it was like and so on, she and
Sandy conspired to seduce Tommy into initiating his cousin, a
task they knew would not be so difficult.

“I let Tommy come in my mouth so I won’t get pregnant,”
Sandy told her. “I mean, who wants to get knocked up by their

“I never… I mean, what does it taste like? Is it bitter?”

“I love it. At first I was afraid, and all I could taste was
my own pussy after Tommy had screwed me. But I let him anyway
because he said some of the girls he had been dating did it for
him and I should learn to do it for my boyfriends. So he taught
me. And I taught him something, too.”

Susan waited breathlessly.

“I taught him how to eat a girl and make her come. Tommy
says that’s the reason he has so many dates. He’s so good at it!
I just love it when he goes down on me. You’ll see. I’ll make him
do it to you, too.”

That night at dinner as Tommy looked at her and smiled, her
cheeks burned with embarrassment and anticipation. She felt as if
her aunt and uncle knew everything that was going to happen, but
they chatted banally. As soon as dinner was over, Sandy and Susan
went up to Sandy’s room.

“Take off your bra and panties,” Sandy told her as soon as
they were inside with the door shut.

“They’ll catch us!” Susan whispered.

“No, after dinner they usually go out for some dessert. Then
we can get ours,” she giggled as she quickly pulled down her
shorts and skinned off the briefs she was wearing.

Susan did the same thing and then lifted up her T-shirt to
remove her bra.

“You have nice tits,” Sandy told her. “Tommy says he wants
to suck them. You don’t mind do you?”

Susan didn’t mind because the first thing that Tommy did
when he came into the room was to kiss her deeply and then bare
her breasts to lick and suck her nipples.

Susan moved the wet vibrator over her nipples as she dreamed
of how Tommy and then Sandy had taken turn sucking her tits. If
they could only se them now, she mused. So much bigger and so
much softer!

She had been afraid it would hurt, even though she had pret-
ty well assailed her virginity with her fingers several years
before, but she had done her work well, and Tommy’s cock had
pushed its way into her without impediment. She came almost im-
mediately and let loose a cry of anguish when he suddenly pulled
out of her.

“Suck him!” Sandy’s voice said in her ear. “Make him come!”

Tommy’s cock was in front of her, and she tentatively opened
her mouth. He did not wait, but placed it solidly against her
lips and pushed. As Sandy had told her she would, she tasted her
pussy juices as the spongy head slipped past her lips.

“Run your tongue around it. He likes that!” Sandy urged.

Susan tired following her cousin’s directions and remembered
what she had seen the girl doing the night before. She tried
moving her head back and forth in a pumping motion, rubbing her
tongue along the strange ridges and folds of the lovely thing in
her mouth. Soon she felt Tommy’s whole body begin to stiffen and
she knew what was going to happen.

Susan had plunged the vibrator deep into her pussy as she
felt an orgasm building. The memories of that first night with
Sandy and Tommy seemed to caress her in tiny, secret places and
she remembered the excitement of Tommy’s sperm shooting into her
mouth. At first she had held it, surprised that it was not ter-
rible and bitter as someone had once said it would be. It was a
little salty, but the aroma filled her head with a delicious
sense sexual power. As Tommy had pumped his sperm endlessly, her
hands had gone to her clitoris to bring her off another time. She
soon lost count of how many times Tommy came in her mouth that

Between Sandy and Susan, Tommy’s social life languished that
summer, but his sex life flourished. When they could not be alone
at home, they went to a drive-in and took turns in the back seat.
Once they went on a picnic and the girls took turns standing
watch while Tommy fucked and sucked the other one. She remembered
his cock going into her dog-style while he squeezed her tits.
God! It was so good!

She came in a flood, drenching her vibrator and fingers.

The hot water of the bath soothed her whole body. Both Sandy
and Tommy had married and moved away. She wondered if they still
saw each other. She had been tempted to call Tommy several times,
but thought better of it. The infrequent conversations she had
with Sandy were a little confusing and hard to read. They never
alluded to the summer they had, and any references to Tommy were
only that he had a good job and a nice wife and family.

In her mind, she called it her Butterfly Summer.

Susan finished her bath and put a T.V. dinner in the micro-
wave before bothering to dress. She took her Butterfly Robe from
the closet and laid it out on the bed. Then she chose a jersey
and pair of thin, tight pants that she knew made her ass stand
out and showed her pubic hair when she stood a certain way. Her
breasts sagged a little more than she would have preferred, but
she still looked good without a bra.

She didn’t know who this guy, Jim, was, but Katie had said
he was something good. She hoped so. Even with Butterfly, things
had become a little too humdrum in her life.