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clean Jim took a deep whiff of the musky scent. Mike had brought Jim to
full arousal, but was expertly sucking and licking him so that he not
climax too soon. Jim moistened his own hand and then lightly grabbed
the enormous member in front of him and began to move his hand up and
down. If it was possible, he thought he noticed that the head of the
tight flesh almost bloom under the pressure. Without thinking about it
he found himself seeing how well it fit inside his mouth. Just as he
did Mike inserted a finger into his anus, and the feeling was so good he
reciprocated by sucking the cock as deeply into his mouth as he could.
Mike then began deep-throating him and the two 69’ed to the same
beat. Mike was able to better control Jim’s own arousal, and when he
knew that he could no longer hold back, he applied the final strokes of
wet sucks that he knew would finish off his partner.