Back Seat Sex Bangers

Back Seat Sex Bangers
Dana knew now that she no longer had anything to say about what was
happening to her. Something clicked in her subconscious, and she now
knew that only the woman in the tight black outfit would lead her on.
She gave her a smile and the masked woman knew that she could now
completely have her way. She leaned down and they lightly kissed. Dana
then closed her eyes, and let her body go limp.
The masked face then slid down the bed and took up residence by her
pussy. Dana was glad that she hadn’t disappointed her too much, and
that she was still going to eat her. She desparately wanted to feel
that hot tongue in her mound! Mike began fucking her from behind, but
she was totally concentrating on the red lips and when they would make
contact with her cunt. The mouth below reached forward, but instead of
licking, began biting her pubic hairs. She would lean in, bite a few
between her pearly white teeth, and then pull back. Sometimes the hairs
would slip back, but sometimes they were yanked out. Dana had to bite
her own lip to keep any more sounds from escaping. It was torture, but
at the same time it excited her further.