Back Seat Hoe

sexy backseat hoe
Mike then crawled up onto the bed and kissed her. He began purring
things into her ear, like, “You’re so big!”, and “I really want you,
give it to me.” Dana’s hands caressed up and down the silky material
and could feel his muscular back through it. Finally turned around in
her arms and knelt on all fours in front of her. Barb looked on from
the side. Dana ran her hands down his back, over his tight cheeks, and
undid the snap at the bottom of the teddy. She wet a finger and ran it
around his ass hole. Then she aimed the dildo at his backside and began
poking at his chute. The dildo pushed up against her own pubic area and
got her hot down in the box, so she kept poking and pushing. Eventually
the tip went in and Mike rocked back a little to help the process. It
slid in ever so slowly, but Dana liked being on this end of the fuck for
once. She watched as she screwed him in his wazoo, and began to really
get into it.