Back Seat Hard Sex

Back Seat Hard Sex
The men were in their tuxes and the ladies elegant dresses, and they
were enjoying being out together. Jimmy thought about this couple a lot
and how they had changed his and Dana’s lives. When they had moved in
just a week and a half ago they were ready to start a new life together,
and Jimmy hoped that that might include loosening Dana’s inhibitions a
He reminisced about the scenes he had observed during the last few
days: Dana making love to another man while he was in the room, he
making love to another woman while she looked on, the video tape of her
dressing up like Aphrodite and “punishing” Barbara while he received a
tongue-bath out on the deck from their neighbor’s 19 year old niece,
swimming in a mountain stream in the buff and forming a 3-way love chain
in a secluded part of the woods, Dana being eaten by a woman and then
tasting a woman’s juices herself for the first time, the scenes around
the pool with the Moon Crew, and then watching Mike and Barb screwing
madly in a glass elevator with other passengers aboard. He shook his
head in near disbelief as the scenes finished parading before his mind’s