Back Seat Fuckers

Fucking Backseat
“Well, it’s all been good so far,” the tawny brunette replied.
“We’ve come this far, so we might as well take the next step.” Her mind
began wandering and wondering at what “focusing” might be, and she felt
her nipples stiffening a bit at the thoughts. Unconsciously she reached
up and began rubbing her hand on her chest, which Jim noticed and made
him smile.
‘This has been an incredible few days,’ he thought to himself and
gave the engine a little more throttle as he headed back to the complex
and the night of delights in store.
Jim pulled into the parking lot and offered a hand to the ladies as
they emerged from his car. The four strolled back through the complex,
around the nearly deserted pool and over to Mike and Barb’s place. Jim
gave a last look over his shoulder for a glimpse of that lovely he’d
spied earier in the day, but she was nowhere to be seen.
They bellied up to the bar where Mike poured a round for all. Then
he explained how the rest of the evening was to work.