Back Seat Blonde Humper

blonde humper backseat
Dana got herself as comfortable as she could, and relaxed for about
five minutes, when the door opened and Mike and Barb came back in. But
they looked a little vice-versa. Barb had her hair tucked up under a
biker’s cap, had on leather pants and a leather vest. Mike, on the
other hand, had on a garter belt and stockings, and a light blue silk
Mike went and sat on the bed while Barbara went over to the
playthings on the table. She picked up a strap on dildo and brought it
over to the bed. She began hooking it onto Dana, and said, “We’ve been
giving it to you, and especially Mike. But now it’s your turn to give
it back to him.” When she had finished strappig on the rubberized cock
around and onto Dana’s pelvic area she untied the remaining restraints o
n Dana’s wrist and ankle.