Back Seat Bangers

backseat fucking
Jim could hardly believe his eyes as he filmed the scene. Here was
his wife screwing, with a strapped on dildo, his best friend, who was
dressed in drag. Unbelievable! And she was doing so with gusto! She
grabbed his waist and was ramming her “tool” home and seemed to be
relishing it. His own pecker stood at attention, and he began to wonder
just what would be in store for him when his own “focus” occurred.
Well, whatever it would entail, he was ready, willing, and most
definitely able.
Barb watched with interest as her charge followed any and every
command she was given. She toyed with the idea of having her do some of
the really kinky stuff she wanted to try with this little vixen, but
decided that she had pushed her probably as far as she could for a first
night of real bondage. Later, she thought.