Back Seat Bangers Teen

Back Seat Teen
Dana finally slowed down her humping and simulated having an
ejaculation with a few final deep thrusts up Mike’s greased up ass. She
pulled out and rolled over onto her back the way she figured a man would
after some great sex. Her “tool” though had not gone limp, and still
stood straight up. Barb beckoned Mike out of the way and moved onto the
bed for her turn. “You’ve screwed a “woman,” but how will you do with a
“man”?” and began sliding out of her leather pants. The role reversals
had Dana’s head swimming, but she lay there and allowed Barb to make the
next advances.
Barb ever so slowly slid out of her tight leather pants. Although
she was dressed as a man, it did nothing to hide her very womanly curves
beneath the pants. Once her legs were free Dana could see that she had
a belt on that was similar to hers, usable for strapping a dildo to.
Barb reached down and removed Dana’s “tool” and tossed it into the
corner. She sauntered over to the goody table and picked up two very
large rubber dicks. One she strapped to herself, and the other she
leaned over and hooked onto Dana. Then she slid down and began giving
Dana’s tool a blow job.