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Now Barbara’s bouncing became more increased, and when Dana slid her
thumb up into the nearby pussy she had to use it to hold on. Slipping
in her pinkie now was no difficulty at all and Dana was able to grab on
with all five fingers – four in the ass and one in the pussy – and give
her a real good fist fuck.
Barb then undid Dana’s dildo and buried her face in the ever-
so-anxious vulva of her partner. She tongued indiscriminately and both
women started rolling on the bed back and forth. One time they came clo
se to the edge and Mike had to block them, but they hardly noticed and
locked onto each other in their spinning. Finally they both let out
moans deep from their beings and the activity slowed and finally
Mike beckoned to Barb, who with half-closed eyes, dragged herself off
of the bed and left with him, tossing back a, “be right back.”
Dana knew that her “focus” was nearing its end and curled up on the
bed to doze. Her mind drifted in a haze of fingers, tongues, dildoes,
and cheeks.
Jimmy put the camera on pause and sat back to catch his breath. What
a turn on that Barb was! Her curly long dark hair and her penetrating
dark brown eyes were only matched by her large dark nipples. Watching
them heave while his wife and she ate each other’s dripping pussies made
him ache to get in on the action. He rubbed his crotch as he
contemplated how the seductress had played his wife like a virtuoso
performer. He never knew what persona she would take on next, but the
one she had just finished that included bondage, cross-dressing,
and discipline had all the elements that made him hot.