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The vibrator was in her mouth and she began sucking it like a cock,
and that made the woman standing over her smile. It had become
important to make her smile, for she was in control, and if she was
smiling then the stinging would stay away.
Wet red nails moved up from the zipper and slipped into the shiny red
lips. She licked them off and then said, “Now, her pussy.” Dana closed
her eyes and knew at last she would feel it between her legs. She was
already so turned on that as soon as it had barely come into contact
with her pussy lips her body shook in orgasm. She kept quiet with her
mouth, but her body screamed in pleasure! The vibrator moved up to her
clit and she thought she would pass out. The waves of passion swept her
under, and she lost all feeling and knew no thoughts except the
thunderous explosions that were going off between her legs. She sensed
that she was thrashing all over the bed, but the restraints kept her in
place some, and she held on for dear life. Orgasm after orgasm shook
her to the core until she felt she had turned into a human twat that
couldn’t stop. The humming continued down deep inside her pussy and
after an eternity of ecstasy she slowly dropped back in passion to a
dull roar.