Back Seat Banger Hardcore Action

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Barbara stepped back over to the “goody” table and returned with two
metal pieces that looked like clothes pins. “Hold still, please,” she
directed Dana, and then clipped one and then another to each nipple.
They were tight and a little painful, but they had the effect that
someone lightly biting them would have, and they stepped her body back
up a level.
Barb then directed Mike to withdraw the vibrator and get “little
Oscar.” Dana felt empty for a moment as it withdrew, but Mike picked up
a small dildo with large bumps all over it. Barb asked him to unbind
one of her feet, which he did, and then he rolled her onto her side. S
he was able to turn her lower body sideways, but both her hands were
still tightly bound and she felt slightly like a pretzel. The masked
woman then undid the same has as her unrestrained foot and she was able
to lie comfortably on her side.