Babe spreads her cunt

Lady spreads them cheeks
“Are you okay, buddy?” Mike asked in obvious concern.
Through clenched teeth, Jim nodded an “umm-hmm, keep going.” As he’d
been shaved already, peeling the wax back off hardly hurt at all, but it
did get some hairs out from much deeper below the surface of the skin
than the razor had. Barb finished it up with another application of the
soothing lotion.
When they had finished, Barbara whispered to him, “I know that was
hard, but it’s much better to give than to receive, so now it’s your
turn to give.”
Jimmy figured she meant herself, but Barb walked over and traded
places with Dana. “Dana,” she told her, “I want you to go over and let
Jim shave you.” Dana compliantly did as she had been told.